Clean water is a right. Let us say that again, it is a right. Everyone on this planet needs water to survive and they deserve access to healthy water. It’s becoming increasingly common for the pursuit of profits to take priority over the need for clean water. It is a sad fact that many sources of freshwater are being polluted and over utilized by big mining, oil and gas, and agriculture operations. We all have a responsibility to conserve and keep the water on this planet clean.

As Americans we are extremely lucky, but oftentimes take for granted the access that we have to clean water. Most of us can turn on a tap and be fairly confident that it is safe to drink. Yet even here we need to be mindful of our water.  Here are some tips to help conserve clean water for the future.

Collect rainwater

Many people appreciate a lush green grass, and they often use water from their hose to get it that way. A way to save fresh, clean drinking water is to collect rainwater and use it to for the purposes of lawn maintenance and in the garden. Why would you need to use drinking quality water for this purpose?

Use mulch

While we are on the topic of lawn maintenance there is one more thing to add. Keeping your grass really short causes run off because rain water does not get the opportunity to seep into the ground. Keep that mulch from the lawn mower on your lawn or avoid cutting your grass too short; you can also plant shrubs and bushes to aid in ground water retention.

Avoid chemicals

Avoid the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizer. If you combine chemical use with a heavy rainfall or overwatering, this can lead to high levels of chemicals leaching into the drinkable groundwater.

Consider your appliances

Choosing the right appliances can go a long way in conserving clean water. When purchasing new appliances, consider ensuring they are WaterSense approved appliances that will help your household reduce water consumption.

Your toilet is stealing from you

The toilet is one of the biggest contributors to water loss in your home. Make sure it is adequately maintained and free of leaks. You may also want to install a low flow or double lever flushing mechanism. This allows water savings by selecting the appropriate amount of water to use in a flush.

Most of these tips will not only help to conserve clean water for future generations, but will also save you money on your monthly bill. That is something your bank account and the planet can appreciate.

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