Water is life. We can survive without food for weeks on end, but our bodies will shut down after only three days without water. Many people in North America, however, have access to drinking water on a regular basis. But are you sure your drinking water is clean? You may assume it is, you may have even done an at-home test to make sure it is. However, at-home tests are not as comprehensive at lab tests and can fail to detect pathogens and other contaminants in your drinking water that could harm you and your loved ones. In other words, when it comes to lab tests vs. at-home tests, a lab is always your best bet.

Clean, Safe Water

Depending on where you live, there are a lot of things that could potentially corrupt your drinking water supply, from agriculture, to drilling, to new industries and development. A lot of people take clean drinking water for granted, but water quality can change over time, or even overnight. That’s why it’s important to get your water tested on a regular basis by a professional lab, so that you can ensure your and your family’s health is safe.

Drinking water supplies can also contain traces of germs and chemicals that could potentially harm a person’s health if consumed regularly. Whatever gets flushed typically ends up in a drinking supply. It’s gross, but it’s true. Even with advanced filtration systems, drinking water is often a lot less clean than people assume it is.

Trust a Certified Professional

When you trust a lab to analyze your water supply, you’ll be able to get quick and comprehensive results regarding the nutrients and contaminants that are in it. You should always make sure that the lab you trust is certified by the state you live in, as these labs are obligated to follow approved health and safety water testing procedures.

If you rely on well water for your drinking water supply, it’s even more crucial that you have your water tested on a regular basis, as well water is particularly vulnerable to contamination from agricultural runoff, changes in temperature and climate, erosion, and other factors. Regular and proper well maintenance is a critical part of providing clean and safe water.

On the Record

When you get a lab to test your water, you’ll get the documents to prove your water is clean and safe. This is especially important if you are trying to sell your home, as even the slightest hint of a contaminated or impure water supply could deter potential buyers, especially if your home is located in a rural area and the buyer is used to relying on municipal water supplies. The buyer may be wary of having to become responsible for the cleanliness and safety of their own water, but with documentation from a certified lab, you can give them peace of mind.

An Easy Process

The process is easy to get your water tested by a certified and professional lab. All you have to do is select and purchase the right test, follow the very simple instructions on the kit, and collect a sample. After that, you can simply send in the analysis and wait for the results. It’s a quick and hassle-free process, but it’s one that could save you a lot of future stress and worry.