Summary: If you are dependent on bottled water for your hydration needs, there is an alternative option that is likely perfectly safe! A simple water testing kit from AquaKnow can prove that tap water is a safe and affordable option.

Did you know that bottled water is not always safer than tap water? Many people choose to drink bottled water over tap due to the misguided belief that it is healthier to do so; however, this is simply untrue. In many instances, tap water is perfectly safe, and this can be proven by a simple water testing kit. Rather than relying on bottled water to provide a safe source of water for your family, call AquaKnow and get a test kit for your tap water.

Water Quality Testing

Although most sources of tap water are perfectly safe, it is always best to check first. Water is considered to be the “universal solvent,” which means that water wants to dissolve anything that it comes into contact with. Most often, this contact is made with a rock formation underground containing minerals, or with the pipes through which water flows to get to your tap. AquaKnow, is dedicated to assisting our customers in knowing exactly what’s in their water by providing comprehensive water quality testing information and analytical services. We provide fast, reliable and affordable tests for common contaminants. There are many options to choose from among our test kits, ensuring that you receive the results that you need.

City-Check Standard Test

If you have never completed a water test before, the City-Check Standard is a great place to start. This kit offers a more comprehensive testing package, which covers all of the basics, including lead, copper, chlorine, chloramines, and disinfection by-products like bromate, trihalomethanes, haloacetic acids and chlorite. In addition, this kit goes a step further by looking for a complete list of metals, minerals, inorganic compounds, and a full list of volatile organic compounds. Volatile organic compounds are made up of petroleum-based products and industrial solvents. You can rest assured that your family has access to clean drinking water once completing this test, without any further need for bottled water. See how much money you can save just by switching from bottled to tap water.

Why Choose AquaKnow?

If you are not confident that your tap water is safe to drink, begin by ordering your first test kit today. At AquaKnow, we take the time to consult with our clients to determine the proper testing recommendation for the desired end results, whether it’s for regulatory, litigation or informational purposes. We work with a network of laboratories to facilitate water analysis for customers in all 50 States and the U.S. territories to meet various regulatory requirements, including the Safe Drinking Water Act and the Clean Water Act. Contact AquaKnow today by emailing us at or calling 877–734–7661 to find out more about our products or services.