Summary: There are contaminants that can infiltrate your well water that are completely odorless and tasteless, making them very difficult to detect. Water test kits like those offered by AquaKnow make it possible to determine the quality of your water, before anyone gets sick.

Many people who live outside of the city limits rely on water wells to provide their families with clean drinking water. However, there are many contaminants that can make their way into your well water, yet remain completely undetected. The following are three odorless, tasteless water well contaminates that you should be aware of to protect your family.

  1. Lead

Lead is a common contaminate found in the drinking water of older homes. In the past, pipes were commonly made from lead, and in some cases, these pipes have not yet been replaced. In other cases, the pipes themselves may not be made of lead, but the solder used to join plumbing pipes could be. Although the source water may be lead-free, by travelling through pipes made from lead or adjoined using lead, the water can quickly become contaminated. Lead can become dissolved into your family’s water from one of these two sources and remain completely undetected by taste or odor. If lead levels exceed 0.015 mg/l, it could pose a threat to your loved ones, especially in children.

  1. Nitrate

Although there are low levels of nitrate in naturally occurring water sources, it can be dangerous at high levels. Babies and infants are particularly susceptible to nitrate toxicity. In most cases, high levels of nitrate in water are an indication of contamination stemming from human error. Septic systems, lawn or agricultural fertilizer, as well as animal waste can all lead to nitrate contamination.

  1. Pesticide

Pesticide contamination is a worry for many who rely on well water sources for their drinking water. Especially for those who live near active farms, pesticides pose a very large risk, as they are commonly used in agriculture. These pesticides can penetrate the soil and make their way into the water sources below. Although not as common as some might think, pesticides can contaminate ground water sources, which puts your well water at risk.

How AquaKnow Can Help

Contaminants like lead, nitrate and pesticide can all appear in ground water, putting your drinking water at risk. What is most worrisome to many families is the fact that these contaminants can be dangerous and even toxic to some family members, especially babies, infants and children. The undetectable contaminants like those listed above can be difficult to detect until someone gets sick. Luckily, AquaKnow is here to help. We offer a wide variety of water tests, some of which are specifically designed to test well water sources for otherwise invisible contaminants that pose a threat to you and your family members. All of our water test kits can also be added onto with other tests, which can detect specific elements or bacteria that you may be concerned about. Contact AquaKnow today to see what we can do to assist you. Call us at 877-734-7661 to explore all of the options available to you and your loved ones.