Summary: This blog covers the various water test kits for home inspectors available from AquaKnow and explains how to choose specific kits based on the property.

When somebody is purchasing a new home, they will often come to a home inspector to get the place checked out, so they know what they are getting into. This is where you come in as a home inspector; and a very important thing to check is the water supply. Whether the home is on a farm with a well, or in a city with a monitored system, using a water test kit is important to ensure that the home’s water sources are safe.

There are a variety of water test kits available from AquaKnow for home inspectors. These include:


One of the more comprehensive test kit packages available, the Watercheck will detect bacteria, metals, minerals, inorganic compounds, physical characteristics and volatile organic compounds (which are petroleum-based byproducts and industrial solvents). Watercheck is one of the best go-to test kits if you aren’t specifically targeting for something and just want an overall health test of the water. Bacteria testing includes E. coli and coliform, which are dangerous bacteria to humans and result in “boil water” advisories when they show up in the water supply. Although a city’s water system should protect against these contaminates, accidents do happen that affect even the safest of water supplies. Don’t take chances. As a home inspector, include water testing in your service package.

Watercheck with Pesticides

The Watercheck with pesticides test covers everything from the Watercheck kit, and also includes testing for 20 pesticides, herbicides and PCBs. This test kit should be chosen over the Watercheck if the home is near any agricultural sites that may have runoff, farming activity, or aerial spraying.

Watercheck 1&2

Watercheck 1&2 is a kit that tests for the most common metals, minerals, inorganic compounds, and physical characteristics like pH, total dissolved solids, and alkalinity. This kit would be chosen over the other two Waterchecks when there is minimal risk to the water supply.


The well-check test is the go-to kit when you are inspecting a home that uses a well water. Well-check tests for the most common metals, minerals, inorganics and physical characteristics that relate specifically to well water. As an added bonus, it also tests for both coliform and E. coli. This is important because a home on a well is also likely a home with a septic tank, and you want to ensure that it is not leaking and contaminating the drinking water.

Various Quick Tests

There are several quick test kits available from AquaKnow that target specific contaminations. The quick screen test kit is used for checking common issues in well water including: iron, alkalinity, hardness, pH and total dissolved solids. The quick bacteria test kit, on the other hand, focuses only on testing for coliform and E.coli, which is important if the property has a septic tank, or if the property is in an agricultural area.

Let AquaKnow Help you do a Thorough Home Inspection

The AquaKnow website has a comprehensive selection of water test kits for home inspectors, and various add-on tests in case there is a specific risk to the water supply. Contact AquaKnow today to learn more and to get the kits you need.