Summary: If the water coming from your taps is discolored, there are a variety of issues that may lead to this outcome. Luckily, there are ways to diagnose this issue yourself, and ordering a water testing kit from AquaKnow will help you determine your best course of action.

If you are on a well water system, there are many contaminants and other issues that you should be aware of, in order to protect both yourself and your family. However, calling a plumber every time something worries you can quickly become an expensive habit. Thankfully, there are certain issues that are easily diagnosed by some simple sleuthing! AquaKnow is here to assist by providing water testing kits that can allow you to diagnose the issue at hand.

Sudden Water Discoloration

Water discoloration can be worrisome, but it is often not something that automatically requires a plumber’s expertise, especially if you are on a well system. There are a few simple tips and tricks that can help you determine the source of your water discoloration. Firstly, check to see if the discoloration is only affecting your hot water. If only your hot water is discolored, there’s a chance that the issue lies with your hot water heater. If there is rust in the hot water heater, then your hot water can become discolored, while your cold water remains unaffected.

Rusty Pipes Lead to Brown Water

If you’ve verified that both your hot and cold water has been affected by sudden discoloration, then the issue likely lies beyond your hot water heater. In these cases, there may be rust in your plumbing fixtures or in your piping. Keep in mind, however, that you will likely notice discolored water in only one location within your house – like in the bathtub or one sink – rather than all over your home. This is because the piping leading to that one location could be rusted, but it is not common to see rust occurring in all of the piping leading to your home at once. The only way that rust can affect the water to your house as a whole is if the rust has permeated the main water pipe leading from your well.

Other Reasons for Discoloration

If your water supply has been turned off for a period of time – whether you are on a well system or public water supply – you run the risk of getting brown or discolored water coming from your taps. This is because any rust that was in the system will become dislodged when the water supply is turned back on. It’s best to run the water to clear out all of this residual material before drinking, washing or cooking with the water from your system. If none of the examples above pertain to your situation, it could be mother nature herself that is to blame for your discolored water. Both earthquakes and heavy rainfall can affect your water and cause discoloration.

AquaKnow is Here to Help Families Like Yours

At AquaKnow, we pride ourselves on offering a large variety of water testing kits. No matter where you live or what kind of water source you rely on, we have a testing kit that will work for your family. A complete water test kit can assist you not only determine the source of your water discoloration, but also pinpoint the extent of your issue. There are plenty of treatment options available for discolored water, once you determine the cause. Call us today at 877-734-7661 to discuss all of your options with our trained and professional staff. We can help you to determine which testing kit will satisfy your needs and concerns.