Summary: Odors emanating from your water are often not a good sign. As many odors can be linked to sickness and bacteria, it is important to have your water tested as soon as you notice this problem.

If you have noticed a strange or foul odor coming from your water supply, look into it. Although some water odors are harmless and quite common, there are others that indicate serious problems. As foul odors often mean bacteria, this is something that you never want to ignore, as you will risk the health and well-being of your family by doing so. It can be difficult to determine the cause of certain odors, but thankfully, there are water testing kits that can help.

Common Water Odors and What They Mean

At some point, most people will notice an odor emanating from their water. This can happen to anyone, from those who use well water, to those who live in the big city.

If you do live in a city with its own municipal water supply, you may have noticed a bleach or chemical-like smell to your water at some point. This is often a result of the chlorine that many public water suppliers add in order to prevent the growth of bacteria. If you do notice this smell, it will generally dissipate after leaving the water sitting out and exposed to air for a short duration of time.

On the other hand, there are plenty of individuals who smell rotten eggs in their water supply. In contrast to the smell of chlorine, this sewage-like odor is almost always caused by some kind of bacterial growth. Unfortunately, there are a number of places where bacteria can form. Most commonly, bacteria will grow in the drain itself, as a result of hair, soap and food waste accumulating inside the drain over time. If you notice that your water gives off this odor at the sink, but not inside your glass, your drain could be the culprit.

Alternatively, if there are bacteria growing inside your water heater or your water well, the water itself will often smell and have an unpleasant taste. This is much more worrisome than bacteria in your drain, as these bacteria can end up in what you drink.

AquaKnow Testing Kits Determine Your Issue

No matter what your concerns are regarding your water, AquaKnow is here to answer your questions and offer you real solutions. If you are worried that bacteria has infiltrated your water source, our Watercheck test kit will give you the answers that you need to determine your next steps. Watercheck is one of AquaKnow’s best-selling test kits, offering a comprehensive testing package that covers bacteria, metals, minerals, inorganic compounds, physical characteristics and volatile organic compounds, which are petroleum based byproducts and industrial solvents. Once performing Watercheck, you will receive a detailed report, listing everything that was found in your water. This will give you the information necessary to determine how to solve your issue and return to having clean, tasty, odor-free water flowing through your pipes.

If you are interested in any of AquaKnow’s products or have a question for a water test specialist, feel free to contact us at 877-734-7661 today! We can get you back on track and help prevent further odor issues stemming from your water source.