Monmouth County is getting a $6.8 million upgrade this winter! Some of the main water lines are very old (some parts are almost 100 years old!) and in need of restoration, replacement, and/or an upgrade. Nearly 23,000 feet of water lines, 23 fire hydrants, and up to 250 utility-owned service lines will receive this overhaul.

What you need to know

It’s a massive undertaking involving significant infrastructure and will be occur over the winter months, with all upgrades and restorations expected to be complete by late spring 2020. Residents in affected areas are likely to see some impacts on residents’ water flow and travel routine for a limited time during the repairs, as well as potential traffic restrictions or alternating traffic patterns. Affected areas include Holmdel, Interlaken, Middletown, Ocean Township, and Sea Bright; so, plan accordingly.

Residents should expect to be advised of any potential interruptions in their water, as well as any traffic disruptions, before work is started in their area. Even if the roads are closed or rerouted, don’t worry about emergency vehicle access; all emergency vehicles will still have access throughout the upgrade process.

Do you know what you’re drinking?

Unfortunately, the entire system is not getting an overhaul. If you are not in one of the above areas, then your water systems may still be aged and be deteriorating, which could impact the quality of your water. Regardless of your water service provider, it is always a good idea to know the quality of the source of the most important nutrient for life. Testing your water quality routinely will give you the piece of mind that what you are drinking is clean and healthy water.

AquaKnow is a qualified/certified water testing company that has been in the business for years, knows what to look for, and offers a variety of testing options depending on your living situation. The tests cover more than just heavy metals, as per the current water crisis in Flint, Michigan, but also tests for chlorine, bromate, and a comprehensive list of metals, minerals, and inorganic compounds, as well as volatile organic compounds (such as fertilizer and pesticide runoff from farms near the water source).

If someone in your household is pregnant, the pre/post-natal water test kit also looks for radiological concerns such as ionizing alpha and beta particles that may impact an unborn child in various ways. Although these particles can typically be stopped by thin materials, (alpha can be stopped by the skin, and beta by a thin piece of aluminum), ingesting them through a glass of water bypasses these impediments.

Even if you do live in the areas that are receiving the upgrade, it is still advisable to get your water checked regularly to know exactly what’s in your home’s most important nutrient. It’s very cost effective, and your small investment in your family’s and visiting friends’ health is worth more than gold.