Flushing old medications and dumping inorganic household chemicals down the drain is okay, right? Not really. Even if you are on a municipal water system, what you put down the drain could affect your local water supply – and your health.

What Must Not Go Down the Drain

One example that often surprises people is “flushable” kitty litter. Despite the advertising, it’s actually harmful for your drains, as it can climb to cause clogs, and more importantly—it is a risk to your health. Kitty litter is contaminated with cat waste, and as it goes through your water treatment system, some of the bacteria resist the chemical treatment and end up in your drinking water. Flushable litter can also end up in local ecosystems, which harms animal life.

Cleaning fluids and car fluids are also a huge hazard to your water treatment system. While they don’t always cause damage to the actual pipes—though they may corrode them—the health risks are immense. Something like anti-freeze or bleach isn’t a great thing to have in your drinking or bathing water.

Medications are also important to avoid dumping down the drain. This action may seem harmless since they don’t clog your drains, but they could seriously impact with your water supply. You could unknowingly be ingesting doses of birth control or codeine without realizing it, and that isn’t to be taken lightly.

Be sure to get an extensive understanding on every item before dumping it down the drain, as there are countless products that may surprise you with their ability to do harm to your water supply.

Why Test Your Water?

Even if you are careful about what goes down you own drain, others in your community may be unwittingly impacting your water supply. It’s not always easy to tell if there’s a problem with your water, especially since so many containments are odorless and tasteless. The reality is, you could be at risk of bacterial diseases, such as E. coli, or smaller chemical doses of substances that can have a negative long-term impact on your health.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, which means calling professionals like AquaKnow. Through AquaKnow you can quickly and affordable do a water test and have the results professionally analyzed by a lab. AquaKnow has partnered with a network of labs across the country to ensure that everyone can get a water test specific to their concerns.

Don’t Take Chances with Your Water

Overall, things such as cat litter and chemicals are best left out of your drains, but even with avoiding harmful products such as these it’s best to test your water with the professional help of AquaKnow. Make it part of your routine home maintenance and whenever you suspect a problem with, or in, your pipes.