Learn about the latest in emergency water tech, and why it’s important to test your water to ensure safe drinking water at home.

Water is essential to life, and when it comes to humans, clean water is very important for keeping clean, safe, and healthy. Few things are worse than having to deal with the fallout of drinking dirty water; issues range from indigestion to fatal bacterial and viral infections.

However, if you are properly prepared, you’ll be able to take any dirty water and make it usable, even in an emergency. With several emergency water tech options available, you can ensure that the water you are drinking while backpacking, lost hiking, or surviving after a natural disaster is clean. While boiling water (and possibly distilling it at the same time) remains one of the most effective ways to sterilize water, you may not have the ability to make a heat source hot enough to boil water, and that’s when you need a gadget to filter or cleanse your water.

SteriPEN Ultra

The SteriPEN Ultra doesn’t use a filter, but instead can sterilize water using ultraviolet light to kill dangerous bacteria in water. UV light can render 99.99% of waterborne bacteria, viruses and pathogens harmless, which is the main cause for concern in water sources in the wild. To use it you have to fill up a water bottle, then stir the pen in the water until its built-in display tells you to stop. It can treat about 32 ounces of water in 90 seconds, so it is fast. At a light five ounces, it can be a great addition to a survival pack. Since it is powering a light, and digital display, during longer trips it may require a recharge. It costs around $100.

Life Straw

A very portable and popular option when surviving in the great outdoors is the LifeStraw. Like the name suggests, you can use it just like a straw, and its built-in filters will filter out 99.99% of all bacteria and protozoa that are common in lakes, streams, and rivers. Not only is it portable, it is also cheap with models ranging from $20 to $50, depending on durability and convenience factors.

Katadyn Hiker Pro Microfilter

Another filtering option is the Katadyn Hiker Pro. Weighing only 10 ounces, it can treat up to one liter of water per minute removing bacterial, chemicals and microorganisms. It can support up to three people per day, and is just a simple one-step filtering process allowing you to fill up directly from water sources into bottles or bladders. At an $85 price tag it’s a very effective tech product with minimal additional weight to your hiking gear.

MSR Guardian

One of the largest and more costly options for water filtration on the go, the MSR Guardian is very effective at what it does, and the best option for remote travelling, or for after a natural disaster when you aren’t sure when clean water is going to be available. It can filter 2.5 liters of water per minute, physically removing everything from particulates, to viruses, bacteria and protozoa. It can handle 10,000 liters in its lifetime, which is three liters per day for 10 years. It is built to survive the harshest conditions, but that also means it comes at a higher price tag (around $350).

Water at Home

When it comes to needing a clean source of water, you don’t have to be backpacking deep in the forest to be worried about your water. Issues can arise with the water coming from your sink, which is why it is important to maintain your daily drinking water and to regularly test it for contagions.

AquaKnow has a full range of tests to order online for your drinking water to ensure that you have safe, clean water. Contact AquaKnow today to consult with their experts and determine the proper tests for your drinking water.