Description: Water testing can be a complex and fascinating procedure. Learn five interesting things you may have never heard before about the process.

Water is everywhere in our world, but less than 3 percent of the earth’s water is fresh water. Of this percentage, just over one percent is drinkable. When looking at these statistics it is clear that we need to take care of the water that we have. Water testing is one of the ways to ensure that the water we are using in our daily life is safe. Here are some interesting facts about water testing.

Abnormal Things Found in Wells

One of the tests that we complete is for residential water systems, including well water. Well water should be tested on a yearly basis. In order to test the water, samples must be taken. There have been some strange things that have been found in wells and yes, this includes animals. It is not a common occurrence; however, bodies are found in wells too sometimes. Other strange things that have been found are ancient clothes (over 1000 years old) and swords (as well as many modern weapons).

Why You Should Have Residential Water Tested

Water testing for residential services tests for minerals, heavy metals and microorganisms. Our testing for residential water also includes testing for pesticides. A survey indicated that almost 100 percent of surface water and 40 percent of major aquifers that were tested contained at least one pesticide at detectable levels.

Water Testing for Dental Offices

We do specific testing for dental offices. There have been outbreaks of mycobacterial infections throughout North America. These outbreaks have infected many children (and some adults) after having dental work completed. This bacterium is spread through contaminated water, and dental work creates an easy place for the bacteria to grow. We can test water in lines to help prevent this.

Water Testing for Breweries

Specific water testing needs to be done for breweries (even the home breweries). Water testing for breweries includes testing the levels of PH, alkalinity, sodium, chloride and calcium. When any of these are not in range, your beer may spoil or taste terrible.

Water Testing Should Be Completed When You Are Expecting

Babies developing in the womb get nutrients from what the mother eats and drinks and this includes the liters of water they are supposed to drink every day. What is in the water can be absorbed by the fetus. Water testing can show if there is a high level of nitrate; this can affect how the blood carries oxygen. High levels of nitrate can cause blue baby syndrome. High volumes of lead can affect the growing kidneys, the liver and the brain. High levels of manganese can affect motor skills along with memory and attention.

We have water testing kits for every need. If you have any worries about your water, contact us. For more information about water testing click here.