Description: Why is water testing increasingly important for the hospitality industry?

Water testing in the hospitality industry is crucial now more than ever. But why? Water testing helps your business against contamination and its widespread issues, makes customers feel safe, and improves your serving quality – all of which are at heightened importance during the COVID-19 pandemic. To help you better understand the importance of water testing, let’s take a deeper dive at these critical factors.

Water Contaminants Are Deadly

Water contamination is always a concern in the hospitality industry. One small trace of bacteria, chemicals, or harmful substances such as lead could make your customers or your staff sick, and even cause substantial injury. This has become even more dangerous during the COVID-19 pandemic, where the smallest trace of infected bacteria could make customers sick and quickly spread the disease further, causing intense sickness and even death for your community at large. Every little measure of decontamination helps at the moment, and water testing is a huge means of affirming that your water supply is safe for use and consumption.

After all, if your customers are sickened after eating at your restaurant, they likely won’t be returning any time soon. Not to mention, failure to assess water supplies properly can also result in legal claims against your business, as has long been the case with companies that don’t follow lead contamination regulations.

Water Isn’t Contained

Water is pretty much everywhere you look in the hospitality industry. Whether you’re serving drinks, preparing food, washing dishes, or wiping off counters, you’re going to be using water a lot during the day. This means that if there is some contamination in your water supply, it will become widespread extremely quickly. So, it won’t just be customers drinking the water that could face health concerns, but also your workers that handle cleaning, and anybody else who touches surfaces or foods you’ve used water to clean.

COVID-19 has made this issue all the more deadly. Restaurants without proper water testing can become hotbeds for pandemic outbreaks in a region, infecting hundreds of people in a single day of poor water usage. Getting your water tested regularly is the responsible and ethical choice to make for the health and safety of yourself, your employees, and your loyal customers.

Customers Want to Feel Safe

Even if you haven’t had a COVID-19 outbreak or lead issues in your water yet, consumers are more wary now than ever. Customers want to feel safe if they are going to engage with hospitality businesses, and water testing affirms to them that your company is taking COVID-19 as well as other health considerations seriously. If you can’t confirm to your customers that they are safe, they’re going to turn to somewhere else that will.

Better Serving Quality

Actual health threats aside, water testing ensures that your water is of the right quality for service. Customers surely won’t be happy with cloudy water in their glasses, and cleaner water will make the foods you rinse taste better too. Not to mention, using poor quality water can make your dishes look less clean, which will give customers questions about just how hygienic your business is. When it comes to water you want the best quality, and you can only get that if you measure it.

Overall, there are several reasons why water testing is increasingly crucial in the hospitality industry today, from contaminants to the quality of food you serve. If you want your customers to be satisfied and healthy enough to return, water testing is a vital part of any hospitality business. If you haven’t had water testing done recently, it’s the responsible choice to find a reputable water testing method as soon as possible to ensure the safety of your supply.