Description: Do you know what is in your drinking water? Regular water testing is a simple but effective process that will help you monitor the quality of your drinking water. At AquaKnow, we partner with water testing labs across the country to bring trusted results to your doorstep.

Safe drinking water is crucial for the health and safety of any family or business. There are a number of pollutants and bacteria that can compromise water quality and these substances can take a serious toll on your health. Many people living in the USA are familiar with the case of Flint, Michigan and other cities facing water quality issues including high levels of lead in drinking water. Fortunately, with water testing you can keep tabs on your drinking water and protect yourself and loved ones from harm. Having your drinking water tested regularly is a quick and easy way to monitor and stay on top of water quality.

Dangers of Unsafe Drinking Water

Water is a universal solvent, meaning in its natural state it will do its best to dissolve just about anything it comes in contact with. Unfortunately, this goes for harmful substances too. As water travels into your home through pipes, there is a chance it could carry harmful substances and bacteria with it. There are over 2,100 known drinking water contaminations in tap water, some of which can have serious long-term health effects. While some harmful substances can be identified by a change in smell, taste, or appearance, there are other water pollutants that can go undetected.

Proper Documentation from Water Tests

AquaKnow provides Americans with high-quality water testing that can be done right at the tap. We partner with labs across the country to provide customers with reliable water testing. Our partner labs follow strict water testing procedures, which result in accurately analyzed data. With our partners, we provide customers with the documentation and analysis for easy interpretation of the results. By providing clients with complete water testing documentation, we follow through with our commitment to providing customers with the information they need to stay safe. We don’t take shortcuts, and our paperwork shows it.

Efficient and Effective Water Testing

When it comes to water testing, we are your trusted source for information and efficient results. We guarantee a complete and accurate analysis of your drinking water within seven to ten days of the test. Our partnering water labs ensure you understand exactly what is in your taps. Your test results will report levels at below standard, minimum standard, above standard, and dangerously above standard so you have a comprehensive understanding of your water quality.

Water Testing Made Simple with AquaKnow
Water testing may sound daunting, but our simplified process makes staying safe simple. We provide high-quality water testing for residential, food and beverage, industrial, drilling, and dental needs. Our water testing kits can be used for a variety of purposes, and no matter the reason our kits are designed to make the process easy for clients. Testing your water with AquaKnow is often as simple as filling up the provided bottles with water and returning them for testing. It really is that easy! Each kit comes with a thorough set of instructions and if you are struggling, our staff are here to assist you with the testing process.

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