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There are some things that we take for granted in first world countries, yet some of these things are what we should be monitoring. We take for granted the clean air that we breathe and the fresh water that we drink. We are lucky, we go to a tap or a faucet and pour a glass of cold water to drink. We turn the laundry machine on and walk away without a second thought. Water testing is something that may not be on the front of our minds, but it is something that we need to think about. Water testing can determine the PH level of our water, because when there is a chemical imbalance of the water it can cause harm to us and our plumbing system.

How do the PH levels affect the water?

Water testing can determine the PH levels, this is the solubility of the water (how much can be dissolved). The level of PH in the water can change the interaction with certain minerals and metals that are in the water and in our bodies. The change of minerals and metals can be toxic to our bodies. Some bacteria are required to maintain symbiosis in our bodies and when we change bacteria in the water, the symbiotic effect is not positive.

What do the levels of PH mean when water testing.

PH levels are ranked on a scale from 1-14. Perfect balanced water is a 7. Most states maintain a PH level of 6.8 – 8.5 as a normal level.  When the water testing shows higher or lower levels is a reason for concern.

  • Higher than 8.5 PH level- This is known as alkaline water. There are different opinions regarding the safety of drinking a water that has too high a PH level. One thing that may occur is that it may change the acidity of your stomach. The acid of your stomach is used to dissolve food and other particles that enter your body. Alkaline water has been known to leave minerals and particles throughout a home plumbing system and in our appliances. This causes a hard water in the home and can cause extensive plumbing costs to clean the pipes or replace appliances.
  • Lower than 5.8 – This is acidic water. You may not have to even test water to notice it; often acidic water is detected by the metal taste. Too acidic of water can also change the make up of the acid in the body. The body can then have too much acid, giving an acid reflux or irritate bowl syndrome sensations. Unlike alkaline water, acidic water can have a soft water effect, however it can do equal damage to the plumbing system. The acid of the water can corrode the pipes causing them to break and disintegrate.

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