Staying healthy and safe is always a priority, even more so during times of elevated health concerns. Ensuring your drinking water is clean and safe should be at the top of everyone’s agenda. Read on to learn why testing your water is an important step in staying healthy.

Health is on everyone’s mind as of late, and rightfully so. With global health scares quickly taking over national headlines, people are beginning to buckle down. It is as good of a time as ever to evaluate your daily routines and actions to come up with practices to keep yourself and your family safe. This includes making certain your household is receiving safe drinking water.

The Importance of Testing Water

As a universal solvent, water wants to dissolve just about anything it comes in contact with. Either from rock formations underground or from the pipes carrying water to your home, there is a chance your drinking water could have picked up unwanted passengers on its way to your glass. Most water tests will check for bacteria such as E.Coli and coliform, which can be used as indicators for the presence of other harmful bacteria. It is recommended to check your household water yearly, unless you notice a change in smell, color or taste, which would push the urgency to immediate testing.

Water Scandals and Staying Safe

Many Americans have become familiar with water scandals around the country. The case of Flint, Michigan where many residents became ill and 12 lost their lives from unclean drinking water is still under investigation. Baltimore is fighting high levels of lead and contamination in their main reservoir while residents in Brady, Texas have been warned of radioactive material in their water. All these cases are cause for significant concern, and they also serve as clear warnings for other citizens across the country. Testing your drinking water is an important step to securing the wellbeing of your household or business.

What is a Water Test?

Water testing may sound intimidating, but the process is quite easy. After contacting a certified lab, you will receive a home water collection kit. Simply collect water from your tap and send it back to the lab. It’s that simple! Most kits will come with instruction manuals, so you don’t need to fret over the details. Water tests can be done in residential, commercial, industrial, and even as part of safe practice for oil and gas drilling. There are many reasons for testing water and all of them are important.

Secure your Safe Water

Thinking it is time to get your water tested? By accessing professional water testing services, you can be sure your drinking water is thoroughly tested and free of harmful bacteria or substances. At AquaKnow, water testing is our craft and the organization works alongside several certified labs to ensure every water sample coming through the door is put to the test. From residential to commercial, AquaKnow has a skilled team with an impressive track record. Making sure your drinking water is clean and safe is the highest priority. The team is ready to listen to your questions and share years of experience and expertise. Investing in clean water is an investment into the health of you and your family and during these tense times; taking steps to ensure your drinking water is safe is imperative.