Since humanity went through industrialization throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, there have been large changes in the amount of chemicals and bacteria that can affect us through the environment, our drinking water and the air. A person may do a test on water, no matter the source of it, to find how drinkable it is. Apart from Beaver Fever (the result of drinking stream water that has animal feces in it) there were few ways to be harmed from drinking water before the 19th century. Even then, many people boiled their water before drinking it just to be sure. This has been the best and most thorough way to cleanse water, but these days, we boil water to eat with, water is boiled for us so we may enjoy a hot shower and water is not considered dangerous in many municipalities and cities.

Pollution did not exist before humanity invented it, and now we deal with smog, acid rain and impure water every day. Birth defects and disease can be transmitted through unsafe drinking water. The cities of North America are mostly outfitted with systems that clean the water for the cities inhabitants, but what about those who depend on well water for their everyday needs? There are basic kits available for test on water, but why not use a professional, certified business like AquaKnow to help you attain peace of mind with your drinking water.

There have been many instances of people falling ill or even dying because of unsafe drinking water. Now, there are many ways to conduct a test on water to find its drinkability. AquaKnow is one of the leading businesses that supply tests on water for quality. They are partnered with laboratories that test the drinking water for wells worldwide.

Since 2010, AquaKnow has been helping those who access wells determine whether or not their water is safe to drink. They provide many products that test for hundreds of contaminants from metals to bacteria to minerals. Products for municipalities and small cities are available and provide a thorough check on the water. Their partner labs are certified for national testing in most states, so check their website to ensure they have been certified in yours.

AquaKnow is affiliated with the groundwater surveyor American Water Surveyors (an A+ rated Better Business Bureau member) and can put you in touch with this business, which will help you in your well water finding needs. Of course, having to find a new well is the worst-case scenario, but it is better than having all well users go back to the 18th century and have to boil water before every use. AquaKnow not only provides test on water, but also can help you obtain peace of mind where your drinking water is concerned.

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