For many people who live off the municipal grid or use well water, oil and gas drilling can be an exciting prospect and cause for worry. The seismic activity involved with modern oil and gas drilling can actually have an impact on the local water supply, and the purity of that water. It’s why water testing before, during and after drilling has become an important part of any oil and gas project.

If you work in the oil and gas industry, you likely understand that water testing will need to occur. But what exactly needs to be done? For how long? And what needs to be tested? Let’s look at the importance of water testing, and what you can expect.

Why Water Testing is Important, and When it Needs to Happen

Water testing for oil and gas drilling is important for a few reasons. First is local health. Since many people rely on well water for their regular water supply, it’s important that drilling exercises do not impact the health or water supply of locals.

Regular water testing is also important for meeting environmental impact regulations and expectations. This is why, in many areas across the country, regular testing is required before, during and after the project to ensure the impact is within the guidelines.

While what we test for will change by county and state, we recommend fairly comprehensive tests for partners involved in oil and gas drilling. That way, there are fewer surprises and any changes can be dealt with more quickly.

What to Expect when Water Testing During Oil and Gas Drilling

When you do preliminary water testing before the real drilling starts, you may find some surprises if you haven’t tested your water regularly. Since the seismic shifts can disrupt the ground, water may seep or change directions leading to potential water quality changes. What’s more, aquifers that were once reliable could end up providing different levels of water as well, leading to supply issues.

Seismic shifts can also cause disruptions that can have things turn up in the water that weren’t there before. This is why we recommend comprehensive testing for a number of potential pollutants and contaminants. That way, you can always be on top of any changes in the water supply and quality.

Where to Get Quality Water Testing and Surveying

If you live on a property that needs reliable water supplies and may be impacted by oil and gas drilling, then you must invest in regular water testing, and may need to find new aquifers that you can reliably test and use. AquaKnow can set up regular testing for your company to ensure you are within local guidelines and expectations, as well as ensuring that any water being used for consumption is meeting the necessary standards. By offering testing before, during and after, we can help you fulfill your legal obligations while keeping people safe. Contact us today to find out about our customizable water testing regimens.

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