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Description:  In a distillery, the water matters as much as the yeast. Distillery water testing helps create the best alcohol.

Water and spirits have been linked for over 1300 years when the first brew masters began to experiment with water and fermentation. This experimentation has created the alcohol that we enjoy so much today. Water is a key component in all alcohol, and distillery water testing is a key aspect in ensuring the alcohol that comes from the distillery is of the highest quality.

Why Is Water Testing So Important in a Distillery?

Water seems so simple; we go to the tap and turn it on and get a glass of water, hop in the shower or run bath full of water. But water is complicated. It can grow and promote life or harbor bacteria. There was a time when people thought that water was odorless and tasteless and was only there as a vehicle for other flavors. This is not the case; water has a unique taste depending on its chemical makeup. Water testing is a great way to know what is in the water being used at a distillery.

What Can You Learn from Distillery Water Testing?

Water can pick up minerals, bacteria and compounds from the river, waterbed or groundwater source that the water is collected from. It also can pick up chemicals from the water treatment plant. When the water runs through the pipes at the distillery it also can pick up new compounds such as copper. Water can change formulas depending on what it is running through.

Water testing can help determine the makeup of the water that is being used in the alcohol. The change of water can change the taste of the alcohol. For example, if there is an increase in magnesium this can create a bitter taste. Calcium can change the feeling of the alcohol by adding a creaminess. The makeup of the minerals and compounds can also change the PH level of the water. This PH level can affect the interaction of the yeast or even create a breeding pit for bacteria, destroying your alcohol.

Book Water Testing with AquaKnow

There are a variety of tests that can be completed by AquaKnow for your distillery. Tests can include water checks that test for bacteria, metal and inorganic compounds as well as byproducts and industrial solvents. The Brew Check is specific to the brewing and distillery industry so you can see and understand how the water is affecting your product. AquaKnow also has a complete testing product kit that will show the levels of almost everything in your water. This will help you make the best alcohol possible.

Distillery water testing is vital to ensure that the water being used in the products will give you the best quality alcohol. Click here for a list of all water testing products and call us to learn more.