Your older home may have a lot of charm, but older homes and buildings can come with some serious maintenance issues. One of those issues is rusting pipes. Today we will discuss why rusting pipes are such an issue, and how testing the water can help keep you safe.

Rusting Pipes can Harbor Bacteria

Let’s start with the obvious; rusty pipes generate bacteria. Of great concern is the dangerous legionella bacteria. The combination of a warm wet environment and nutrients to help it grow make rusting pipes the ideal location for legionella to thrive. If infected by legionella, you could develop very serious respiratory illnesses.

If you have an older home or have yet to renovate your outdated pipes, test your water frequently. You do not want to find out about the growth of dangerous bacteria like legionella when it is already too late and in your drinking water.

Water Pressure

In the shower, some prefer the softer feel of low water pressure. Others, for example, enjoy the intense rush of a higher water pressure escaping the tap. But when your pipes are rusty, you won’t get your normal or preferred water pressure. This is an issue.

Water pressure matters a lot, especially when it comes to showering or doing dishes. A low water pressure may lead to less enjoyable showers, or an increase in time needed to clean dishes or water the garden, which only raises the water bill.

Of course, you don’t want contaminated water on your body or on your dishes either. If you notice a drop in water pressure, test your drinking water in addition to calling a plumber to get the pressure back up.


Rusty pipes can cause clogging. When your pipes have rusted to the point of clogging, some of the rusted material, or the things the clog catches or breeds in the pipes, can affect your drinking water. Clogging is a serious issue that can affect your health as well as being inconvenient.

Unpleasant Taste

A metallic and unpleasant taste is a big tip off that you have rust in the pipes. Any time your water tastes off or “funny,” reach for a water test. It’s a sure sign that something has gone amiss that could affect your health.


Rusting pipes are more than an inconvenience. They can have a very negative impact on the quality of your drinking water. If you have rusting pipes or notice any of the problems above, prioritize upgrading your plumbing system, and reach out to AquaKnow for a quick and easy water test to ensure you are not swallowing harmful compounds or toxins. Click here to learn more.