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Description: Commercial water testing is an important part of your operations. How frequently should you test your water and what tests should you have performed?

Routine commercial testing of water is an important part of keeping your employees and clients safe. It can also ensure that your equipment and systems are working as they should. How often should you be testing water? That depends on a few things.

Frequency of Testing Water

The frequency that water should be tested depends on a variety of variables. First, what is the reason for commercial testing? Some of our customers require their water to be tested for a quick snapshot of their water quality. It can also be required as part of litigation or inspection. In these instances, water is usually tested in order to detect specific contaminants.

More frequently, commercial water is tested in order to ensure that it is safe for consumption and use in commercial operations. In these cases, the Environmental Protection Agency and The National Groundwater Association recommend that water is tested at least annually. Your specific industry may require more frequent routine testing.

Commercial testing should also be done if any changes in water quality are detected. Changes in taste, color, or odor can signal that there is a serious problem. If this is the case, you should speak with AquaKnow’s customer service department in order to find out what set of tests should be done.

Types of Commercial Water Tests

There are a large number of water tests that can be performed depending on the type of information you require, the water source, and the industry that you are in. The helpful team at AquaKnow can help you to determine what type of tests to perform.

Well water requires different testing than municipal water. Municipal water should be tested for disinfectant by-products and heavy metals. Well water should be tested for bacteria and other natural contaminants.

Your industry also matters. If your commercial water is being used for human consumption, you will require different testing than if you are using the water as a technical component for industry or research.

Whether you need to know more about your water for safety, regulatory reasons, litigation, or you simply want the information, AquaKnow provides a variety of tests suited for a number of uses.

Working with a Reputable Commercial Testing Company

For reliable commercial water testing, contact AquaKnow to arrange for the right type testing for your specific needs. We offer a wide range of services for our many commercial customers who include public water systems, environmental consultants, engineers, water treatment professionals, bottled water plants, well drillers, food producers, pharmaceutical companies, labs, and home inspectors.

At AquaKnow, we are passionate about providing reliable and comprehensive water quality testing information and analytical services to each of our customers. Our team works with you to make sure that we are performing the type of tests for your needs.

Testing water is easy. Contact us to order the right type of kit for your needs. Simply fill the bottles in the kit according to the instructions, complete the paperwork, and send it back to us. We will have the water tested quickly and the results sent to you by email or mail.

To find out more about commercial testing, contact our helpful team.

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