As we work to protect ourselves and one another from the spread of COVID-19, it is important we take time to remember pre-existing risks that require our attention as well. While COVID-19 is not water transmissible, keeping up with regular water testing will work to ensure the safety of staff and customers.

COVID-19 continues to have serious impacts on businesses, households, and our everyday life; keeping up with regular maintenance can be challenging. Water testing may not be at the top of a business’ priority list during the global health pandemic, but the dangers of unclean drinking water remain. As we work to figure out how to manage during this time of uncertainty, finding time to get back to routine business practices is a crucial step not only for safety, but also to remind us of life beyond COVID-19 and to keep workplaces safe.

COVID-19 and Water

COVID-19 cannot be spread through water. Studies have shown no evidence of the virus being water borne and water filtration systems should filter out any harmful bacteria or substances that are dangerous to one’s health. The transmission is mainly spread through close contact with another person who is sick with the virus. Community spread remains the most pressing concern, and while water is safe from spreading COVID-19, good hygiene practices are encouraged to prevent the spread of infection.

Keeping up with Water Safety

While COVID-19 does not pose a threat to water safety, maintaining clean drinking water remains important for overall health. There are still other harmful substances that can find their way into the tap. With everything focused on COVID-19, it is important we are aware of the dangers that pre-existed the global health pandemic. Keeping up with regular water maintenance will help your business maintain a safe environment for staff and customers. With heightened awareness of health risks, businesses can help prevent a health scare or scandal by thoroughly testing their water for other contaminates.

Water Testing Made Easy

A water testing kit is a quick and simple way businesses can test the water right at the tap. This test works to identify harmful bacteria or substances in water including lead, chloride, E-coli, and many other pollutants. Testing kits are ordered from a certified lab and come with clear instructions for testing. A yearly water test is recommended, but if you notice a change of taste, appearance, or smell in your water, contact a certified lab immediately for water testing. For businesses working to reopen to the public, this step can help show your customers that you are committed to their safety.

Water Testing for Businesses

Maintaining a regular water testing schedule is crucial for workplace safety. It can be easy to forget about other safety concerns during this period of heightened stress with COVID-19, but we must stay vigilant against other health concerns in addition to the virus. AquaKnow offers a range of water testing services for businesses and is dedicated to protecting clients from harmful pollutants. From food and water testing for restaurants to testing dental water lines, AquaKnow has businesses and industries covered.