It isn’t just imperative that we drink water, but that we maintain the quality of it as this can also impact our health. Poor drinking water can stain clothes during laundry and lead to serious illness. Water testing kits allow us to see what contaminants or chemicals lurk in our water – whether the source is a well on rural property or if it comes directly from a municipal supply. There are a few varieties of water testing kits to choose from, each likely to yield accurate results through slightly different methods.

How to Test Water at Home

  1. Identify the issue

If your water has a strange taste, color, or odor you may want to test it. The water source you want to test will determine the type of kit to use. Since drinking water from a city usually goes through an intensive filtration process, you will most likely only have to test for common contaminants, like lead or chlorine. But if you wish to test well water, that goes through no city-wide filtration process, you will need a test that is more comprehensive. Since well water is commonly used in rural areas, it may be contaminated by pesticides or fertilizer, and byproducts of runoff from nearby fields.

  1. Choose a Water Testing Kit
  • Test strips – this option is extremely affordable and easy to use making it the most common method of water testing. This kit should come with containers that you are to fill with a water sample. Next, you dip your test strip in and swirl for a few minutes until your test strip begins to change color. You will then take the now colored strip and compare it to the color chart in your container. This type of kit can show you the type of contaminant and its level of concentration in the water (also known as ppm or parts per million).
  • Color disk – this kit is reported to have better accuracy than test strips for certain types of contaminants such as bacteria, and they are just as simple to use. Your kit will contain a powder which is to be added into a container with a few drops of the water in question. You will then proceed to shake the container before placing it in a few viewing box, in which you will compare to the rotating color disk provided in your kit.

But it’s always better to go pro

Home test kits abound but for the most accurate results with zero chance of cross contamination from other sources in the home, rely on AquaKnow. We have partnered with a network of labs across the country so we can provide a variety of specific testing kits and offer rapid results. Our kits are reliable, affordable, and should part of your routine home and health maintenance. Your drinking water is a matter of life and death. Ensure you get test results you can rely on.

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