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The methods we use to clean water have exploded in the past couple of decades. One of the filtration types used regularly today is a process called “reverse osmosis.” This simple, low-energy solution can produce quality, filtered water, but your water still requires regular water testing. Today, we will talk about reverse osmosis: what it is, how it works, its benefits and what to consider if using it as a filtration method.

What is Reverse Osmosis?

To explain reverse osmosis let’s first explain normal osmosis. As you may remember from way back in your school days, osmosis is the process of a high density of particles in a liquid moving to an area of low density of those same particles. Essentially, it’s the process by which particles try to even themselves out in a body of liquid. Osmosis is often used in plants to help draw nutrients up from the ground, using water as a medium. Because there are fewer nutrients at the top of a tree, for example, a waterway up the plant will slowly draw those nutrients upwards in defiance of gravity.

Reverse osmosis is the opposite of this. Through this process, you can actually clean a liquid of contaminants, which is why it is often used in water filtration. Essentially, a membrane between two containers of water are separated by a filter. Pressure is used to force the water through the filter, which then filters dissolved solids and contaminants in the water and pushes out filtered water on the other side.

How Reverse Osmosis Affects Water Testing

Reverse osmosis is fairly widespread at this point because of its low cost and reliability. That said, regular water testing is always required when filtering water for any use, even if it’s getting filtered to be put back into the local supply.

Most companies engage in customized, regular water testing for all of their sites to ensure compliance with local regulations and to keep people safe. That is why we recommend you set up a water quality plan that includes testing if using reverse osmosis.

Where to Go for Quality Water Testing

If you are in need of quality, reliable water testing, then you’ve come to the right place. AquaKnow was founded on the idea that any business can have access to consistent water testing with results they can trust. We create customizable water testing solutions for each of our clients. We then test the water according to a regular schedule and, most importantly, provide you with the results you need in a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand format. That means you will get the water testing you need and have the results sent in a way that you can confidently interpret and share.

If you rely on reverse osmosis or any other filtration system, then you will need water testing that you can trust. Contact AquaKnow today to start getting the testing and data you need.

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